raft trip

I will arrive on 8/31 from the Los Angeles area.

Can anyone tell me if I absolutely need a swim suit for this trip, particularly for the raft trip?


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    Hi Judy:

    I did this trip last August. Really enjoyed the rafting trip. They give you a wet suit that wears over your clothes.
    They have diff sizes. No worries there. You will really enjoy the rafting and the views.

    I be happy to answer any other questions.


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    Judy -
    My wife and I just completed this trip a little over a month ago (also from So Cal). While I wouldn't say you ABSOLUTELY need a bathing suit, it will make this adventure a bit easier for you. You will ride what use to be an old school bus from JPL to where they launch you into the river. At this point, you will change into wet suits (the same kind our So Cal surfers utilize when tempting fate with our sharks lately). Your changing room is the bus (no privacy for any worried about that). Tight quarters to say the least. To try and wear any clothing items under that wet suit (outside of a swim suit) would be a real chore to try and accomplish. Those who wore swim suits had a much easier time slipping into those wet suits (they also provide you with footwear). Not to mention the fact that anything you wear under that wet suit will be soaked once you exit the raft at the end of your trip. A swim suit just makes your life easier on this trip. It's also nice for those heated pools at the various hotels.

    They (the rafting company) will take photos from along the side of the river at several points along your journey, so don't bother taking your camera or phone on the raft. Given the conversion rate, you'll only pay about $20 for the photos - and they are well worth the price (you'll get 25-30 images). Much better than you would be getting on the raft. And the hot tip is, if you want the best images of you on your trip - sit at the front of the raft :-)

    This is a fantastic trip!
    - Jeff

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