Getting to Florence airport is very difficult with the airlines we use, if we get to Florence on our own (from PISA or BOLOGNA) a few days in advance of the start of the tour - do you think that Tauck would get us from our hotel in Florence to the Hotel in Candeli where our tour begins? Anyone know? I suppose I could call- just wondering.


  • You're going to have to call Tauck on this one. There is some flexibility in where they'll pick you up at the start of a tour or drop at the end compared to the "official" transfer guidance. Examples I've personally see:

    - We took back to back tours in Jun. We were on a river cruise that ended in London then joined a land tour starting in Edinburgh. Tauck was happy to transfer us from the Savoy to the Kings Cross train station even though the only listed transfer locations were the 2 main airports.
    - Some travelers on the second tour were staying on in London after the tour at a cheaper hotel than the Savoy and Tauck was willing to arrange an airport transfer from the other hotel rather than only offering a transfer from the Savoy.
    - Family members got to Paris earlier than the cruise start date and Tauck offered to pick them up at one of the train stations in Paris but wouldn't pick them up at the residence they were staying at.

    I kind of sensed on this last trip that Tauck was showing a bit more flexibility than in the past. But again, you need to call them and talk alternatives.
  • They won't come to your hotel, but they will pick you up at Florence's Santa Maria Novella train station.
  • Your posts have given me "hope" and I will call. All those scenarios seem workable and most gracious on the part of Tauck. Umbria/Tuscany here we come! Many thanks.
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