French Air Traffic Controllers Strike

It's received surprisingly little coverage in the US media, but there is a strike going on right now by French air traffic controllers. A large number of flights have been cancelled as a result.

If you are flying to or through France in the near future, you may want to check the advisories on your airline's web page, or call them. So far, it appears that Air France flights within France are the most affected.


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    We've never been to France without some body being on strike. It's part of the French DNA. Once we had to detour around France due to a French ATC strike. We'll keep going back and just live with it. Au revoir!
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    How many times have I said avoid Air France. Strikes happen all the time in France. Our worst experience was when roads were blocked and we took detours along tiny winding roads that caused us many miles out of our way and many extra hours on the roads. But France is so lovely in every other way.

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