Riverboat Dinner Dress Code

Hi All - looking forward to our upcoming Christmas Market riverboat cruise. Would like to know if men must wear a sports coat for dinner or if a collared shirt or sweater is appropriate. Thanks for any info. you can give me.


  • We did a Danube cruise in July. many of the men wore a collared shirt and slacks, and some a sport coat. For the welcome and farewell dinners, most wore a shirt, tie and sport coat or suit. Whatever works for you is acceptable.
  • Thanks so much AshvEd for your quick response....will let the husband know.
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    Truth is after the first wine is served, nobody cares and if someone does care likely a snob you want to avoid anyway. Comfort matters, it’s a vacation.

  • We went on the Best of Ireland, Small Groups trip July 2019. The question for that trip and many others is should I bring or not bring a jacket? I decided again not to bring a jacket. It takes up too much space for 1 or 2 uses. Probably one-third of the men in our group brought jackets. I've learned many things about traveling with Tauck over the years. Some tours include those folks who like to dress up more and sometimes all the time, and some tours include groups that don't and are far more relaxed. A Tour Director once told us, "You are on vacation, dress the way you feel most comfortable without embarrassing yourself". If it bothers you when others have a jacket and you don't then bring one. If it doesn't bother you (like it doesn't bother me) when others have a jacket then don't bring one. Dress pants and shirts will always be fine. Ireland was our 4th Tauck trip and I've never taken a jacket on a trip and we've stayed at the Waldorf Astoria for 4 nights in Jerusalem, Ashford Castle in Ireland, and 5 star hotels in Australia. Just enjoy the trip. Like Johnf says - "it's a vacation".

  • We travelled from Budapest to Prague in September. My husband left his sportsjacket in the car and we looked to buy another in Budapest. We didn't and it didn't matter one iota. Most wore jackets and some ties though.

  • Every group you travel with whatever the destination, I find is different. The Tauck group I’m currently traveling with had three men at the Welcome dinner with jackets, but others, including women wore jeans and sweaters. This time it’s a really really relaxed group of experienced travelers, some don’t bother to change from daywear to dinner in really wonderful hotel settings and it’s fine. The couple I admire most are going on to another three week tour after this one And are sharing one small suitcase between them, and they look very well put together every day.
    I like Virginia Travellers comments

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