Feb 9, 2018 Patagonia trip

My husband and I are going on the Patagonia trip leaving 2/9/18. We live in northern Michigan. Wondering who else is on this trip? We are going in a day early to Santiago and staying a day later in Buenos Aires. Our travel doctor recommended hep A shot but didn't think typhoid shots necessary based on this trip's itinerary. Local pharmacist confirmed this and said he generally gives typhoid shots to those going on a mission trip or if they are staying in rural areas with local residents. At this point in time, we have not gotten the typhoid shots.


  • Hi,
    We are taking the Essence of South America tour starting February 9th and are looking for a couple to share the cost of a private tour (Ritz Carlton provided) to Valparaiso & Vina del Mar. The viator tours do not get back in time for the Tauck reception. Any interest?
  • The CDC recommends Hep A and Typhoid vaccinations for most travelers to Argentina. See here:

    Prior to my Tauck trip to China last year, I had both. My Typhoid vaccine was oral - 4 capsules, one every other day.

  • We (Linda and Rick) are going on the Feb 9 trip as well. We are from Sarasota Florida. Trip itinerary sounds pretty full but Rick would be interested in a Bridge game when time permits. Sounds like a challenge to pack properly. We'll see. Should be a very memorable trip. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  • I agree about the packing. We used to play bridge but it has been a while. We are going in one day early, how about you?
  • It is a very busy trip with lots of long days traveling on the coach from place to place. Not much time for Bridge.
    Read all the posts in the Patagonia forum for travel hints. When we were there, it was quite warm in Santiago and BA, but quite chilly in the Patagonia areas, especially near the glaciers. It is the classic situation for layering. Except for the welcome reception and the Tango dinner, there is no need for dressy clothes. For the men, a jacket, no tie, will be sufficient. Have fun. On tne last day, pace yourself at the gaucho bbq...way, way too mich food. The Tango dinner that night is really nice, so you want to save room for that.
    Have fun!

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