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Does the Coliseum tour include the lower level? My husband is fascinated with the Coliseum and can’t wait for the tour. Thanks.


  • CLee, we took this tour in July 2016. As we recall, we toured both levels but the touring was mostly on our own. There was a brief overview of the coliseum on the lower level.
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    CLee wrote:
    Does the Coliseum tour include the lower level? My husband is fascinated with the Coliseum and can’t wait for the tour. Thanks.

    We did Classic Italy in May 2016, so you'll need to rely on someone who has taken your specific tour for a definitive answer. But, if you mean the lower level that would have been below the arena floor and where the animals used to be kept and gladiators waited- I don't think so. We did not see anyone down there and my research says only special tours go there. One tour operator referred to it as the "Restricted Areas of the Colosseum" (Undergrounds, Arena, Third Level). It may also be that area is no longer open to tourists. The fourth and fifth level have been restored and are now open, however. If your "Colosseum tour" is anything like ours (from the description, or lack thereof in Tauck's website itinerary, it sounds like it might be) you won't spend a lot of time there and won't get a true "guided" tour either- I believe our local Tauck guide spoke to us before and after (during a short walk through the nearby forum), but didn't actually enter the coliseum with us- we were left to wander on our own- the visit was a bit disappointing from that perspective. Our group photo was taken in front of one of the victory arches outside, also. During high season, the Colosseum can get very busy and crowded. New admission procedures (security checks w/metal detectors) and restrictions, limits on daily admissions, etc. are in effect also. Also note, admission is free on the first Sunday of the month, so it can be REALLY crowded on those days. But, be glad that the scaffolding that had been in place for a number of years is gone!

    Your best bet to see Rome's Colosseum below ground might be to arrange on your own for a private tour and guide for the afternoon of Day 10 or in the days after your tour. Book it early, possibly as many as 6 months or more before!

    Your itinerary doesn't give you enough time in Naples, but if you want to see the lower areas of a colosseum (like I did too!), you will need to go to the "Flavian Amphitheater" (real name for most Roman colosseums) in Pozzuoli, a suburb on the NW side of Naples. It is much smaller than its larger cousin in Rome, but still the third largest in Italy. While not much of the upper area is left, the lower section is in almost mint condition since it was covered by ash from a nearby eruption (not Vesuvious) before locals back in the day could completely ruin it scavenging for building materials. The arena still has a floor (probably a reconstruction) We arrived for our tour a few days early and hired a guide to take us to the colosseum in Pozzuoli, the National Archaelogical Museum of Naples, and Herculaneum- all were fantastic!
  • Thank you so much for the insight. I'll be sure to check out the private tour options.
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