gadgets and gizmos?

We will be on the MS Joy in June/July for the Blue Danube tour from Budapest to Germany. Are there any gadgets which were helpful to pack to have on the ship (eg. power strip, clothesline)? Was there anything you wish you had taken or found you didn't need? Thanks! First time river cruiser!


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    In the electronic category:

    - Most people bring a European style adapter - 2 round prongs. The staterooms all have at least a couple of american standard plugs but the adapter lets you use the European plugs as well to charge your dual voltage appliances - cell phones, ipods, tablets, etc. Others also bring one that has multiple outlets or usb ports Not absolutely needed but can be convenient. If your trip has hotel stays, these will likely be required as most hotels won't have American plugs available in the room although they may have adapters to borrow.

    - The only electronics we normally bring are cell phones and Kindles. Lots of people bring their tablets and/or laptops. The later usually those who take lots of pictures and want to start sorting, editing, blogging, etc. If you're bringing kids a tablet might be essential.

    - The ship will have wifi but don't plan to stream video, upload lots of photos, etc. Good for checking email and researching something on the internet. Speed depends on the ship's location and how many other passengers are logged on. Usually gets very busy the hour after the group gets back from an excursion.

    - The staterooms have TVs with some european channels like CNN international and on demand movies to watch. Not a huge selection but many nicely themed for the cruise. They also have a clock radio with ipod docking station.

    - The bathroom will have a blow-dryer so don't bother packing one. If you bring other heated hair tools, use with caution.

    - Suites have an iron/ironing board. All others can borrow from the front desk if needed.

    Non electronic:

    - I bring a small magnifying mirror with it's own stand so I can do my makeup somewhere other than the bathroom. Nice to have daylight for some things and convenient if my husband is using the bathroom. Amazon has lots of choices including many with built-in lights.

    - I usually do some laundry in the sink - there is a pullout hanging line in the shower. I bring a silicon sink stopper (Oxo makes a nice one that has proven useful at home), 1-2 clothes pins (to keep small items from falling off the line), a small empty spray bottle (to mist the wrinkles out of things) and a plastic clothes hanger with clips.
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    Claudia, thank you so much for the quick and very informative response! I appreciate all of the tips and tricks from experienced travelers!
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    You're welcome. When you get back, please write a review to post here on the forum. We don't get very much feedback here about the family cruises/tours. Especially things like how the itinerary fit the kids interests, did they like the food choices, did the entire family have a good time, etc. It would be very helpful for future travelers.

    Best wishes on your cruise.

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