did you have an issue with charging your phones? Should I bring a converter?


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    Most phone chargers now work on 50/60 Hz and 100-240 volts. If you have an iPhone, check the specifications on the small charger cube. You should not need a converter. What you will probably need are adapters. This allows you to plug a 2 prong US plug into the outlet of the countries you are visiting. Some hotels have US type outlets and also some of the cruise ships. You can locate some "all in ones" or purchase individual ones. If you have multiple devices to charge, some folks take a small power strip and then need only one "all in one" or country specific adapter.

    General guide

    Country by country guide
  • If you go to the web page for your tour, click on "Before You Go", then "Upon Arrival", then "Electric Current" you'll see an article specific to your trip. Frequently you can also find this information under the "Accomodations" tab. If you're staying in a hotel and the Tauck site doesn't include this information, google the hotel's website and they will usually describe the details of their rooms.

    We've never brought anything but our cords, plugs and adapters for phones or ereaders. We don't own any converters.
  • I usually bring an international travel adapter to avoid any hassle. Sometimes even hotel don't provide it to the guest.
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