Spirit of the Desert May 17

Hi, It's almost time to begin our trip. Any suggestions regarding weather?
Thanks, Susan and Bernie


  • Layers layers layers.

    I live out in this neck of the woods and our spring weather is extremely changeable especially at altitude and with low humidity. Example, yesterday we had temps in the 30s and snow/sleet/gropple all day. Today it's sunny and by Sat will be in the high 60s.

    The tour covers a range of climates. You could easily see temps from 40s to 80s. If you look on the Before You Go page there is a Weather section and you'll see the averages for that time of year. Mornings and nights will likely be cool/cold but by mid day you could be stripping down to a tshirt and capris. Don't bother with dressy stuff. A nice top and slacks is the most you'll need. We're very casual here in the west.

  • Looking forward to meeting our fellow travelers at the start of our adventures in Moab soon. Thanks for the question Susan, we are just starting to tune into the "what to pack" issue ourselves. And thanks for the tip about the layers Claudia. I'll check out the "Before you Go" section more thoroughly now that we are less than 30 days away. But in my heart I know that I'll end up doing what I usually do before a trip.. wait until the last minute and throw random articles of clothing into the suitcase the night before. Half of which I won't wear anyway. Haha. - Jenn
  • Since we will be on tour, will we need winter hats and gloves in Mid May? Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  • I'd pack hat and gloves. The west has been warmer and dryer than normal this year but you just never know. Fleece or knit ones are fine and won't weigh much in your luggage.
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