Has anyone taken this side trip from Marrakech and can you comment? I've seen some posts that it is a lot of bus travel time for just a few hours in the town. Was it worth it? Can you skip the lunch and safely tour on your own as a single woman to enjoy more of the town?


  • Short answer, it is a long drive. We actually spent two nights in Essaouira and found it to be quite pleasant except for the broken air conditioner. Harbor views, fish market and fishing boats. Easy walking town which is safe, relatively clean, and with several good shops, multiple ATM. On the way you may have an opportunity to stop for the "goats in a tree" eating the Argan seeds. It is a bit touristy but fun none the less. Near Essaouira is an open market that the locals use; again very interesting in that not may tourist go there.

    All in all, you will feel safe in Morocco and not be bothered, providing you are not provocative and show some respect for their Muslin culture.

    Moroccans like to be tipped and like to be asked to have their picture taken. Small bill go a long way.

    If you stay in Casablanca, try the t-bone steak at Rick's. There is non better in the world.

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    I did this tour last Feb. 25th. 2018 It was fantastic!!
    Everything was plan to be perfect and it was.... The group was a great one... The TD. Todd as always, "the best" and Chakib the tour guide was also incredible, super friendly, attentive and funny.
    All the hotels, activities and meals were absolutely amazing. The scorpion house is a great idea, Mike is a Hoot!! great time , delicious food.
    I took the Essaouira trip, yes! is about 2.5 hours drive each way, but believe me... you don't noticed. It really feels more like 2 hours.. We had several stops each way, you also stop to see the goats on the tree and the stop at the women Argan cooperative...they have great stuff at good prices.
    My honest advise...: GO!!!!
    I also took the cooking class after the end of the tour.. I stayed 3 xtra days and although it was good, I enjoy the Essaouira so much and took so many great pictures ..that I don't regret it. Plus the smell of the ocean and the fishing environment is refreshing, at the actual town you spend about 3 hours walking the market, the alleys, than the fort, the fisherman area etc.. we saw a lot , did not missed anything that would be an attraction for tourists. and at last ..we had lunch at a seaside rest. , the food was great.
    I also travel on my own and I did felt very safe in Morocco, people are very friendly and helpful.

  • I traveled in Morocco for three weeks with another tour company, and I just returned October 22. Essaouira was my favorite city, and I was lucky to be there three days. Our guide refused to stop where the goatsherds tie their goats to the Argan trees for tourist photo opportunities so he found a goatsherd who didn’t do that, and we had a wonderful experience. If you like Berber jewelry, there are magnificent fibules for sale in the jewelry souk off Avenue L’Istiqlal

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