Dublin Pass

We're arriving a day early for the June 28 tour. We'd thought of doing a Boyne Valley tour on the 28th but it doesn't look like it would be back in time for us to make the welcome dinner. There seems to be a lot of Dublin that's not on the tour so we were thinking of getting a 2 day "Dublin Pass." Anyone familiar with this?
- BlueDevil


  • We're on the tour starting Jun 16th but arriving 2 days early - was cheaper to fly in and arrive on Thursday than Friday so it pretty much paid for the extra hotel night on our own dime. We are spending our extra full day on a Boyne Valley tour.

    As to whether the pass is worth it --- you pretty much have to look at the list of items included and see whether they are on your list of must see sights and whether purchasing them alone would be more than buying the pass. There are lots of things to do in Dublin that are free or pretty cheap. You also need to consider how much time you actually have (assuming your flight arrives on time). Factor in things like time to check into the hotel or store bags, finding an ATM, jetlag, time for meals, weather, etc.

    None of the sights on the list are on ours - National Museum of Ireland Archaeological (free), Chester Beatty Library (free), Dublin Castle maybe (8 euro senior), strolling through the gardens, Grafton Street, along the river, etc (free). We thought about the Guinness Storehouse but have seen mixed reviews on that and figured we'd rather head to a pub and have a pint. The hop-on/hop-off bus might be fun but you can get that for only 20 euros.

    Have fun. We're really looking forward to our tour.

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