Grand Family Safari Reviews for 2018

I see that there are several of you watching this forum that will be doing this family safari in 2018. I would love to read your reviews if possible. I have two granddaughters I would like to take with me on this trip, they are 7 and 9 years old. Trying to decide if we should wait longer. I have personally done the Tanzania-Zanzibar myself and realize how much driving is involved, the pace, etc, etc ...

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    Hi cb2labs, two of our grandchildren are just a few months apart and we are planning on holding off taking them until they are ten years old if we can. We feel by that time they will be sensible enough to understand the rules, cope with the jet lag and early mornings, cope with Malaria meds and also be able to remember the trip a little better when they grow up. But that is five years away. We will be 70 and 71 and hopefully in good shape to take the children. Tanzania is of course the easiest trip of all the Africa destinations that Tauck offers and avoids the dreaded Nairobi airport. Our grandson is obsessed with creatures of any kind just like his grandfather and is already asking him to take him to Africa with us.
    I too would like to hear from others about the pros and cons and the ages of the children people have taken with them.
    For anyone who is reading this, we think of ourselves as pretty experienced Africa travelers having taken five tours and been to six sub Saharan African countries.
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    Back last week from our tour:
    On our tour-- one set of grandparents, moms and dads and children were 11-18.
    Surprisingly, five adults with no children were on our Bridges tour and they totally fit right in and didn't seem to mind the couple of "kid friendly activities."

    I would personally wait until a child was 13.
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