Tanzania Bridges Tour 26June to 07 Jul, 2018

I am traveling with my 15 yr. old granddaughter . Are you traveling with anti-malaria medication? Did you receive any vaccinations for this trip?


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    Yes, you need to be up to date with all the usual vaccines you would have for regular health in the US including flu and pneumonia and Shingles if you age qualify plus Hep A and Hep B. Also a good idea to take anti diarrhea meds with you and antibiotics just in case. We always take Malaria meds. Speak to Travel dr who knows your health history. I note you are traveling June26th. You require a course of 3 hep B over several months, so if you have not had those, it is too late.
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    I agree. I’m going to pick up our anit-malaria pills this afternoon. We just called our doctor and they called it in to the pharmacy. We have all the vaccines mentioned by British, plus yellow fever from a previous Africa trip. As said, it takes months to get all that stuff, so you need to start early if you want that kind of coverage.
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    Hi Shadowdog,

    We are a family of 4 from Australia also travelling on your trip. Our 15 yo daughter will be happy to know there is someone her age on the trip!
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