Tanzania Bridges June 27th - Mt Kili hike vs Arusha NP?

Hi we are an Aussie family of 4 with 2 girls 12 and 15 travelling on this departure. Can anyone share their experiences of these options? How long is the hike, how high do you climb and are there good views of Mt Kilimanjaro on the way?


  • Just to keep expectations in check, not to rain on your parade, but what you actually will see depends a bit on luck. When we did Kenya & Tanzania at that time of year in 2014 we did not see either Kilimanjaro nor Mt. Kenya. We had good weather but the mountains themselves were obscured by clouds. I’m sure your tour director will have lots of good information about the details that you are inquiring about. It is a different experience from trip to trip. We are going to Africa for our third time, and our second K&T, in July. We expect to have different experiences and maybe we will even see Kilimanjaro. On our first trip we saw Chetahs but no Leopards, on our second we saw lots of Leopards but no Chetahs.
  • There are lots of inquiries here about the Family safari but not one person has ever come back to the forum to share any details about the tour so I do hope someone replies. I know you have a choice of the hike or visiting Arusha National park, I have been to the Nat. Park and it is good introduction to what to expect for the rest of the tour and very different scenery. I do hope to do the family tour with some of my grandchildren in about five years time and maybe on our own prior to that. I was wondering about trying the Kilimanjaro hike too. Try going to the reviews on the tour page to see if anyone mentions it. I have a feeling it would not be difficult. I have taken four Tauck Africa tours plus one with another company. My favorite Africa country is Tanzania. Enjoy!
  • I, too, hope to do the family safari within five years with two granddaughters. I did the Serengeti-Tanzania last July 1st, and weather was wonderful. However, did not see Mt Kili due to clouds. My friend and I did arrange a tour of Arusha NP through our hotel, Serena Lake Duluti, and it was wonderful. As British says, the scenery is different from what you will see in other areas. It was a great day, we saw animals everywhere. We also were lucky to see the Colobus Monkeys very close to us. Our guide was also surprised and clicking away with his camera.

    Enjoy the trip. It is wonderful. I thought one trip to Africa would be it, but like others on this forum, I am hooked. Planning the Botswana trip next May. And keeping fingers crossed, I can take the granddaughters in years to come on Family Trip.
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