clothes and weather - what else?? Trip June 25- July 4

A group of 6 of us will be aboard for what we believe to be a GREAT trip. We are all from the Midwest US where it has been in the 80-90 degree F. I am assuming that Europe is cooler. As we all will start with the Jungfrau trip, a few additional layers may be required (40-50F??). My real question is what type of clothing is worn during the day and evening activities. I know this is not a Caribbean cruise (and I have been on many) but I suspect it is not as casual. Are shorts during the day OK, athletic shoes, T shirts? Evenings are more formal I understand so sport jackets are OK - I am not bringing my TUX with the limited baggage I can bring.

I just want to learn a little about where I was born (Basel Switzerland) and still have a good time.

Hope to see some of you on the trip
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