How strict is Zambia regarding proof of childhood vaccinations (MMR)? I don't have a physical record but can get a RX to get proof if absolutely necessary.


  • My husband and I took this tour last September. We were not asked to show any proof of any vaccinations in any of the three countries. But having the proof would probably be a peace of mind.
  • We flew into LVI and the only thing that immigration was interested in was what type of visa we wanted. In another post I discussed what they did at the Botswana border about Yellow Fever. There were no questions about other vaccinations. As a point of information, Florida now has a medical database that shows all of your vaccinations, including some when I was a child. It was surprisingly accurate. I don't know what other states have it. You may want to ask your physician.
  • No need for MMR proof, it is for your protection that you should know if you are up to date.
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