Packing Help!?!?!??!?!

My husband and I live in Greenville, South Carolina, USA and will depart on the Scandinavia July 9th trip. I am getting anxious about packing. I have been tracking the weather, but don't really know what exactly to "pack in layers"... I can bring lots of lighter stuff to layer up, but should I be considering packing a down layer? I feel that no matter what I pack, somehow my choices are going to jinx the weather...

Thoughts? Advice?


  • I will be leaving for this trip about 10 days after you.

    I will bring some short sleeve shirts, some long sleeve shirts, a few pairs of shorts and a few pairs of long pants. I'll have an unlined wind breaker and a rain jacket (and umbrella) with me. In my opinion, down is overkill, unless you're the type of person that's always cold when everyone else is confortable.

    Reminds me of a few years ago when I was on the Tauck Australia/NZ trip. You could spot the people from SoCal a mile away as they were the only ones in winter coats and gloves on the South Island in NZ (mornings started in the 50s).
  • Hi,
    We are on the July 9 trip also. Having been on a Princess Cruise with friends in May, to the Baltics I can tell you to be sure to pack summer clothes as well as warm. In May the big cities were warm to hot. At one point I had to buy a hat because the sun was soo strong. Oslo is in a large fjiord surrounded by mountains so it is very warm. The recent weather reports confirm that it will be warm there. Bring a hat, sunscreen and shorts.
    As we go north it will cool down a bit.
    We are Gail and John Olson, from New Jersey
    See you soon
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