Norwegian Fjords Trip

There are no posts I can find from travelers who've taken this trip. I'm curious about a) the weather, particularly temperature range experienced in the last half of June, and b) about whether there is ability to do hand laundry in one's cabin on Le Dumont d'Urville or to have it done onboard in order to minimize packing.


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    ABT. You might want to consider reposting this on a more appropriate forum (like Europe or Scandinavia) rather than the Grand Alaska one. It might get you more replies.
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    Actually, AshvEd I looked and could not find a forum for this trip. Looks like it's a new one next year that doesn't have the usual placeholder post.

    For ABT, here are some suggestions to get answers:

    On weather, you can look at sites like accuweather.com for what the June weather was for this past month. Also Tauck always has weather info under the Before You Go tab for each trip. Just click on it, select Preparing to Go, then Weather. However, keep in mind that its impossible to predict so there are no guarantees.

    On laundry, in my experience all Tauck european ships/hotels offer laundry service but it isn't cheap e.g. 8 euros for a pair of slacks. According to Ponant's website their ships do provide laundry services. You could contact them directly for a price list.

    Doing laundry in your room is possible with the occasional hurdle - does the sink have a stopper, is it too shallow, is there a bathtub, is there a hanging line, etc. Lots of ways to get around these though. I travel with a generic sink stopper (silicon made by OXO), a couple of clothes pins (helps with socks), a plastic hanger (swivel head with clips), a 2 gallon ziplock bag (can be used in lieu of sink) and a small bottle of concentrated soap (or just use the provided shampoo).

    The biggest hurdle is lack of ventilation which makes drying anything cotton or wool take a couple of days. We plan our wardrobes to have at least a few key items made from synthetic blends that dry quickly - base layer tops (32 degrees is a favorite available at Costco and Amazon) and pants billed as "travel" that dry quickly and have added zippered pockets for security.

    Hope this helps.

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