Free Time in Bannf

Looking for ideas for free time in Bannf


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    You can do anything there, fantastic area. We just returned.

    Shop: It’s a shopper’s town and a very pretty one, built for retail sales. See pics in my video. For hubbies that need to wait while their wives shop, try Evelyn’s Coffee Bar, favored by Canadians. Tim Horton displaced Starbucks, but there is a Starbucks in town.

    There’s also the famous Canadian ice cream shop, Cow. Then, there’s a Western store for cowboy gear and to book horseback rides. Everyone spends time going up and down the main drag shopping for stuff for the kids and grandkids. You can do it in a couple of hours, or all-day.

    Sports: Hike, bike, golf, swim, probably fish. Beautiful area to engage in those sports.

    Eat: Waldhaus, the German restaurant, was fun — all the different schnitzels are featured.

    Culture: The Banff Centre for Creativity and Arts is a HUGE campus for practicing, learning, teaching of top notch artists. Check out the Centre online to find the schedules and venues for the time that you are there. The visit was on Tauck’s BCR tour but there wasn’t time to attend an event.

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    Thanks Doug
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    For some spectacular scenery, take a short drive from Banff to Johnston Canyon. I'm not sure if the bus runs out there or not, but there is always a taxi or ride sharing service (Uber/Lyft). Just Google the images from Johnston Canyon, and you'll be impressed with what you can see there.

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