OK - here's a "first world" question. Are robes available at all hotels on the 8 day Venice, Florence, Rome trip? Knowing they are available or not will change my suitcase option!


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    edited July 2018
    Hi Jane, have you tried the websites for the hotels, it doesn’t mention that much detail on the Tauck web page. I’ve stayed at at least one of these hotels in the past but rarely use any robes.
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    Baglioni Luna (Venice) has robes. Grand Hotel Minerva (Florence) has robes, but they sometimes use the Baglioni Hotel there and I can't speak to that but I would assume they have robes there too. Baglioni Regina (Rome) also has robes.

    There, now your suitcase is a bit lighter! This is a great trip, so have an amazing time!

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