Suggestions - just returned from the Crown Jewels

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. When you go to the top of Matterhorn and Jungfraujoch make sure you are well hydrated - take water with you. At those heights one can begin to feel a little lightheaded - they will give you small pieces of chocolate but I also brought some chocolate chip Cliff Bars and those really did the trick. I had packed them in my backpack prior to leaving home.

2. There was one occasion that our luggage did not arrive in our room in a reasonable time - - thus we did not have enough time to shower and clean up prior to dinner -so my suggestion is not to take the earliest time.

3. On the final night my wife and I did not get to sleep until11:30 and we had to get up at 3:45 because of our early flight - Zurich airport is approximately an hour from Lucerne - and Tauck insists that you arrive at the airport three hours prior to your flight -this is something to consider.

4.Overall the trip was fantastic - scenery amazing -met great people and had an excellent tour guide. You really do not have that much free time. There is time in Interlaken to paraglide later in the afternoon.


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    Suggestions for number 2. Always pack the clothing you may want to change into in your hand carry when you are changing hotel location ---learned that very early on in Tauck traveling.
    Airport--- we always arrive at an airport three hours before a flight, you just never know if there could be a problem at security or whatever. Clearly Tauck has the same idea as we do.
  • Thanks for the info, much appreciated. We are on the 9th Sept tour and am interested to know how dinner works. Are they in the hotel restaurants? Are there set times or can you specify? Is it a set menu or a la carte? Is wine provided or do you have to purchase? Any tips for particular restaurants? Many thanks.....
  • The guide will take dinner reservations each morning. You can specify what time you want to have dinner. Some hotels have a choice of restaurants. They are all in the hotel and 1st class restaurants and service. Men wore button down shirts (no tie or sport jacket) and women wore dresses or dress pants. Wine is included everywhere in Switzerland.
  • Regarding a carry-on as discussed above: Keep a small carryon with you to keep cosmetics, curling iron, etc., until you get on the bus in the morning. Luggage is picked up 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to departure. It will give you more time in the morning to get ready. The guide will give you a different luggage tag to put on the carryon and when you get on the bus, the driver will gladly put your carry-on under the bus with the other luggage.
  • Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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