Does anyone know if this cruise will pass Remagen during daylight hours or during the night?


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    Reading your itinerary it's unlikely. You don't leave Koln/Cologne until after dinner then an overnight to Koblenz so you'll pass Remagen in the night. We stopped there on our cruise and toured the very small museum and saw what was left of the bridge - not much. On a positive note, the "Bridge Over Remagen" is likely to be on the ship's tv system - movies on demand as well as other WWII movies.

    For my 2 cents worth, I note you have some choices coming up on days 5 and 6.
    - Speyer or Heidelburg - we didn't get a choice of those but all went to Heidelburg which was a lovely, fun town with an very interesting castle. It's a college town with a lively atmosphere. You might prefer the military museum in Speyer though if that's your thing.
    - Strasbourg vs Baden Baden - hands down Strasbourg. Unless you're going to one of the spas, Baden Baden is boring. Strasbourg was another interesting town with very walkable touring areas - cathedral with a quite impressive clock inside, shopping, food.

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