Vegetarian meals

Can anyone let me know if Vegetarian meals are available everywhere during this tour. Answer would be appreciated


  • I have not done this tour, but any tour that I have been on vegetarian meals are available. You need to tell the tour director at the beginning of the tour and they will make arrangements for any meal that is a group one with a fixed menu. Most meals are ala carte so you can choose whatever you want.
  • Depending on how specific your needs are, you may also need to talk to the servers/staff at the hotels with regard to options. We had a lady on our Best of Ireland tour with severe food allergies and she had to discuss the details with the staff at all our hotels and restaurants.
  • Has anyone been on this tour recently who can comment on vegetarian options at the various vendues? Thank you!

  • We have travelled with Tauck and other companies;If you let TD know ahead of time even at the time of booking the tour they make every effort to provide vegetarian meals.Some places where we thought it might be difficult to have vegetarian food as in Iceland and Japan we were well taken care of.Vegan food is more popular nowadays in Europe.I would think you should have no problem.

  • I went on this tour in Sept 2022 and vegetarian options were always available.

    This is what we were served in the Blue Lagoon restaurant.

  • Indian vegetarian food in CheskyKrumlov and on the Danube river cruise

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