Attire for Farewell Dinner in Rome

I see that the Farewell Dinner is at a nice Michelin-starred restaurant at Metropole Hotel.
For those who have been there, what have the men on the tour worn on this night? ...suit and tie? ...sports coat? ...tie only? ...slacks and dress shirt?

Thanks in advance!


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    We haven't done this particular tour but have done other Tauck European land tours and river cruises so some general experience. Forget a suit and probably tie. At a minimum dress slacks and pants. If it's cooler weather for your tour my husband would pack either a sport coat or pullover sweater. Usually the welcome and farewell dinners are in a private room with just your tour group.
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    Thank you Claudia. We've had similar findings on our other Tauck tours. The difference on this one is that it is at a Michelin-starred restaurant, which can be on the fancier side, where one might need to dress up more. If the Tauck Farewell Dinner is in a separate room (some are, some aren't), then it might not be as much of a concern.
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    I looked at the before you go on this one to see if they specifically mentioned it and it just says

    "For the welcome and farewell receptions, casual resort wear is appropriate; formal wear is never required for dining with your fellow guests at a Tauck provided dinner. When dining on your own, you may have the opportunity to dine at an upscale restaurant, which may require men to dress in coat and tie, and women in more elegant evening wear."

    so I think you're pretty safe with a more casual approach. In my experience, if it's cooler (Oct on the Rhine) more men tended to add a sport coat or sweater and if it's hot (a heat wave in Ireland last June) most all the men went with just a dress shirt and slacks. Every group we've been with seemed to have it's own "ethos" about this.

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