dinner reservations

When there is a choice of dinner places that are included, do you need to make your own reservations or can you just show up?


  • All the dinners are included on this very casual tour. If reservations are a choice the Tour director will do this for you. Don’t expect gourmet food at the park lodges. It’s a great tour.
  • British,
    The tour director will pass around a sheet for you to designate a time you want to eat. You can team up with others on the tour if you wish. It is fun to eat with different people at the various restaurants. I thought the food was okay in the parks. A very casual tour. No dresses needed.
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    Yes, I know all this flatlands64, the question was asked by jcarosi. It is not always a sheet of paper that is sent round, the Tour Director may come round the bus from person to person to ask when and who they want to eat with. I took this tour a long time ago.
    I think that some people who have never been to a National Park think that there are fancy hotels and restaurants in them, there are not, choices are limited and staff are seasonal, usually students and not always exactly customer oriented. I’ve stayed in really nice hotels near parks, but they are not in the Park and that’s really inconvenient, so like Tauck, I prioritize location over a super nice hotel or restaurant choice.
  • I digress....In our National Parks, it is all about location, and the lodges are in perfect locations. I agree, that for the most part, food and service are mediocre. However, the one exception is the Ahwahnee in Yosemite...I refuse to bend to calling it the Majestic...the food in the main dining room is fabulous, very fresh and innovative! Gourmet fare. While the rooms command a high price, they are still very nice lodge rooms. However, you do get a rubber duckie, wearing a park ranger hat, to take home for your $400+ tab!! And, now that I think about it, the food at El Tovar at the Grand Canyon was also excellent, but not as great as the Ahwahnee.

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