Spotlight on Australia - Sept 27

My husband and I are on the September 27th Spotlight on Australia trip.
We are very interested in arranging a tour to Phillips Island to view the
penguins while in Melbourne. On the 2nd day of tour, Sept 28, there is
a free afternoon and evening. Is there anyone else on the Spotlight
on Australia tour interested in going on the Phillips Island tour? Has
anyone taken a Phillips Island tour to view the penguins and was it
worth the trip?


  • Hi- I am going to be on tour with you. I booked the Little Penguin Bus for that. I am sure there is still room, I will be going on the 26th. Pick up is at the hotel at 1:30. I've heard great things about it.
  • People seem to love the Penguins tour but I understand it is a long drive. All you see is a group of penguins toddling down to the sea at dusk. I have been up close and personal to penguins in several wild places including the Galpagos and the best, Boulders beach in South Africa, twice there. They look so cute, toddling, nesting, Babies etc. if you have been lucky like me, you might find the long drive just after your arrival in Melbourne with jet lag, not the best use of your time, there is plenty to see by just walking within Melbourne itself that is not included on the Tauck tour.
  • Thank you for your replies.....Travelingteacher - thank you for your link. We won't be
    arriving until the 27th so will be unable to travel to Phillips Island with your tour. We will
    look into the Penguin Bus. Looking forward to the Tauck Tour !
    British - your trips must have been wonderful ! Those are both on our bucket list!
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