Shopping In Matera

My husband and I recently returned from the Week in Puglia tour. I did a little shopping in Matera and came across a jewelry store by the name of ELISA AND JANNA, located in the historical centre of Matera which is called the
Sassi. The actual meaning of sassi is stones. Their specially designed jewelry is part of a unique collection which represents the area.. The jewelry is a perfect memento and a perfect gift. My four granddaughters loved their bracelets. In fact, when I got home I ordered a few more items. Wonderful shop to deal with. Their items are not pricey.


  • Wife and I interested in this tour next spring. Can you please offer any review of this trip overall?

  • This is an old post and likely a commercial for a store. I’ve never seen that person post anything else on the forum.
    We took the tour several years ago and enjoyed it. While we usually never think the hotels are the highlight of any toiur, locations and tours being the most important to us. On that tour, the Borgo Ignasia hotel was used at the end of the tour. We arrived a couple of days early and the start hotel was not available so we had to find another hotel, so we stayed at the Borgo then too, it’s a really neat and unique hotel and yet I don’t think Tauck uses it now. If you get a chance to go in, do, the decor is amazing and so were the rooms. Justin Timberlake got married there. I’m sure I wrote a review, see if you can find it.

  • Look for My tips on Puglia tour from September 2015. There is a very useful thread there from me and another person on the same tour.

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