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I am on the Singapore to Bali trip on Sept 5th 2019 I will be arriving a couple of days before. Is anyone taking this trip who would like to meet for dinner


  • He, Lespam. We will be on this tour, but arriving late at night on the 6th. We look forward to meeting you on the tour. I just posted a response to another post for our tour date about a private walking foodie tour we plan to take on September 9th. Let us know if you are interested in joining us and we can provide more info. Sue and Jack

  • SnJ. Are you missing the first day of the tour? We are going later in that Month, please post a review here!

  • Tour actually starts the evening of Sept 7th. We fly in the night before. I’ll be sure to post a review.

  • We are a group of 4 arriving 9/6 and staying on in Bali for two days at the end of the tour. From New Jersey, Florida and pa. We were going to Hong Kong first, but that had to be changed. Looking forward to this, our 10th or 11th with Tauck. L

  • _hello, sue and jack, let’s discuss the elective portion for 9/9. Looking forward to meeting you, Laurie and lee

  • Hi, Laurie and Lee--sounds great! If you are interested in finding out more about the tour it is a 5 1/2 hour private food tour from Hello Singapore. You can see reviews on TripAdvisor. Our plan is to start mid-afternoon on the 9th, since we seem to have the afternoon and evening free. We can talk more at dinner on the 7th.

    We just found out that our United Flight from Chicago to Hong Kong on 9/5 is being discontinued starting on September 8th, so we just sneaked in under the wire. Last leg from Hong Kong to Singapore should be fine--as long as Hong Kong Airport is functioning. Travel is always an adventure!
    Sue and Jack

  • So, we promised a review of our tour. It was wonderful! It is pretty fast-paced for the most part, with long days and early starts (as early as 4:30 wake up to see the sunrise at Borobudur) and several morning flights. But so worth it! The temples of Borobudur and Prambanan are magnificent--and we'd never heard of either before booking this trip. There are some steps and uneven ground, but our group--mostly in their 60s and beyond--all handled it well. Indonesia is not handicap accessible, with stairs everywhere, so keep that in mind when booking.

    Singapore was interesting for a couple of days, and we learned quite a bit about the structured life there. Several of us took a "walking food tour" we booked on our own on our free afternoon, and really enjoyed it. We were surprised by the diverse cultures we saw on Java (Muslim) and Bali (Hindu) with animism woven into both--the village walks with our local guides were incredibly interesting. There was local music, dance, a chance to make batik, and and a fun Balinese cooking class. The chance to see Komodo dragons was also a highlight (although there is a long, but comfortable, boat ride to get there. Four of the five hotels were spectacular (my favorite was the Aminjiwo in Java, and my Husband's was the Four Seasons in Bali, and the fifth was comfortable and quirky.
    We all had a great time, and made new friends in our small group. I can highly recommend the tour.

  • We are taking this tour next year, around same time, how was the weather this trip?

  • It was hot and humid in Singapore--high about 90 degrees F--but except for the walking tour, much of the time we were in air conditioning. Similar temps in Java, but felt a bit less humid to us. Bali's temps were delightful--mid-80s. We were hot on the walk to see the Komodo dragons on Flores. We had lots of sunshine--only about an hour of rain the entire trip. Bring a hat and sunscreen. The tour director really stressed insect repellent, which we applied liberally, but didn't really experience many mosquitoes. Dress was casual--my husband was the only guest in a jacket the first night. Shorts were fine for men and women. We were given sarongs for entrance to religious sites.

  • Thank you for this useful information! We are headed to Borneo in the Spring too.

  • British, I always enjoy your informative comments. How are you going to Borneo? Sounds fascinating!

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