The First Safari Hotel - The Arusha Serena Hotel,

What does a Garden View Room at the Arusha Serena Hotel outside of Arusha, Tanzania Really Look Like? The Arusha Serena hotel is the first accommodation this tour stays at in Tanzania. The hotel is about 25 miles from the Mt Kilimanjaro airport. One of your future Safari Guides will pick you up at the airport (hopefully with your luggage-ours was missing) and take you here, probably in the dark. The road was very crowded with people and cars. The drive took us about 50 minutes.
Many safari goers start and end their safaris at this wonderful hotel. A room rate includes a nice buffet breakfast. The only negative is that this hotel is not close to anything. One must either do the few excursions from the hotel or stay inside the grounds on your "Gift of Time" day recovering from the very long flight. Our tour featured a free visit to a cultural center on the other side of Arusha. We drove past this center on our way to Ngorongora Crater the next day. I think you will discover what a nice hotel this is when you watch the video.

The link to the You Tube Video:


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