your favorite tauck trip and why



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    Virginia_Travelers, 2:04PM, That all being said we are done with boats and have in fact 2 Tauck land trips planned (Romantic Germany and Australia to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island) and 1 that will be in the hopper (10 Day Egypt trip).

    We enjoyed Romantic Germany. We had some location overlap with the Ultimate Alps & Dolomites we did several years earlier, but the Black Forrest, Rothenburg, Dresden, and Berlin were new for us. Even Dachau was very interesting (somber but not depressing) with local guide Michael who we had several years earlier in Munich. He is fantastic- a high school history teacher. You don't do anything in Frankfurt (it is just a start point), so if you go a day early or arrive early on Day 1, book a walking tour with FrankfurtonFoot. Jo, the private guide and David her husband who leads their daily meet and go group tour, are US expats who have lived in Germany for 30 years. Great tour!

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    British - have a great trip and looking forward to hearing about your visit with the Gorillas!

    Alan S - thanks for the feedback about Germany. We've been to Berlin and Dresden previously but the hotels and activities there planned with Tauck are total upgrades from what we experienced. The Passion Play will certainly be a unique experience and we are getting to Frankfurt a day early so we look into that walking tour.

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    “The crowds getting on and off, the lines, the people everywhere ...”. VT, that’s why we do small ships. Our next trip on the Wind Surf will have 300 people ... no lines or crowds. The trip after that will be on Le Ponant ... 32 people. They probably could not form a line if they wanted to. We are on Ponant again to Antarctica ... a few hundred people. As I said, we don’t do those big ships except for the ‘kids’. And they actually did not like the kid programs, and spent all of their time with us. A small ship would have been fine, but we would have had to fly them to get there.

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    Points well taken Sealord! Antarctica sounds very interesting. Will be anxious to hear your feedback. Will all the time at sea be worth it? How was the flight to South America? What's the best time of the year to go?

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    I went on the Antarctica trip last Feb 2019 (my 1st Tauck tour& I went solo!!!!). It was fabulous!!!!! The scenery is beyond your imagination. I felt like I was seeing the world when it all began...the ice, the sky, the whales, and all those friendly penguins. All very magical!!!! Tauck only goes there in Dec, Jan & Feb...you have to reserve far in advance. Buenos Aires was lovely, the flight there was fine... I slept with a little help. The flight to & from Ushuaia were very early & a little cramped but we all survived. The Drake Passage wasn't too bad...a little Dramamine worked well. I'm going on my 2nd Tauck tour in June...Kenya & Tanzania. I can't wait... I'm so excited!!!!!

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    Great Antarctica info Rhea. Sounds terrific. Thanks. FYI, we went on K&T in July 2018 and even met Sealord on the trip (his second K&T). So if you have any future questions feel free to ask them in the Africa K&T forum. There is already a ton of information there on visas, vaccines, camera info etc., but there are also many others who have been there multiple times and are anxious to share info and pictures. I think British starts their tour in a few days. It is a super fabulous trip and is our number one trip of all time.

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