Classic Italy - August 26, 2019

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Anyone going?


  • My husband, David, and I are going on the August 26, 2019 classic Italy trip. We arrive one day early. We are flying out of Miami. We are also taking the additional Capri day trip. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Helene

  • this is Carol.... we are also arriving 1 day early and will be on the Capri trip as well. Coming in from LI.

  • LI = Long Island, New York

  • Oh yay! We look forward to meeting you. We are traveling from Miami with a connection in Paris. I think we arrive afternoon on Sunday.

  • I forgot to say we live in West Palm Beach but are born New Yorkers...

  • We're leaving Saturday from NY with a connection in Paris as well. I believe we arrive in Naples on Sunday around 10-11AM. We will actually be in FL this weekend for a 100th B'Day party on Saturday. We arrive W. Palm @ 10AM Saturday and will be spending the day with the B'Day "boy" and our family and depart Sunday evening at 7PM. Already meeting 2 friends for B'Fast and lunch on Sunday that transplanted to FL recently otherwise we'd certainly love to meet you. Guess we'll do so in another week. Looking forward to it. Marc

  • How funny is that! Small world for sure. We arrive in Naples at 2:40 pm leaving from Paris at 12:30. Helene

  • Hi, we are on the August 26, 2019 classic Italy trip also. We are leaving California on Saturday and arrive one day early on Sunday into Naples at 2:20pm. We decided to skip the Capri trip and rest before the tour begins. So, I am looking forward to hearing all about it. We look forward to meeting you. Kurt and Arvina

  • Looking forward to meeting you as well. Have a safe trip from California. See you a week from Monday. Marc and Carol

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