Classic Italy, Small Groups 9-22-19 departure

Hi, Two of us are taking the small groups Classic Italy tour, and because Tauck does not go to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower, we were looking into booking a tour on the free afternoon, of October 2nd. There is a company that will do this tour, also stopping at the walled city of Lucca...and the price/per person goes down with additional people. Tickets to climb the tower would be additional. Here is the website describing the tour.
Please let me know if anyone would be interested in joining us on this trip. It is about 5 1/2 hours long...


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    50joanie... Enjoy your trip. That was our FIRST Tauck trip in 2016 and the benchmark of all trips! We have recommended it to EVERYONE. Anna was our guide, and she is EXCEPTIONAL. I hope you love the trip as much as we did. Yes, we didn't stop in Pisa, but we saw it from the road!

  • Thanks, Marilyn & Gary... Really looking forward to it. This will be my 9th Tauck trip. Can't seem to leave them, once you sign on!

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    This was also our first Tauck tour, September 2016. It is still our favorite. We’ve since enjoyed 2 more Tauck land tours that were also incredible and are taking our first river cruise in about 7 weeks. There was just something extra special about our small group and the camaraderie that we shared. Have a great time!

  • Thanks...You will LOVE the river cruise. We did the Blue Danube in April, 2018. It was early in the season, but the weather turned out to be perfect. We had a couple of cool days on the water, but for the most part it was 75* and sunny every day. Service on board was outstanding. There were only about 80 passengers out of a possible 125. Such a beautiful trip. Enjoy.

  • Just be careful of Joanie or you will be taking more tours with her!! :) and us! Let's see, we met her and Kathy on K&T, then we all did P&G, Blue Danube, and just last month Botswana, with Yellowstone in Winter and XMAS Markets on the Rhine on tap for 2020.

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