Hi all … this is our 4th TAUCK trip (and we already have a deposit on our 5th for next year!). We will be taking the trip that starts SEPT 13th. Anyone on that trip. Looking forward to a great trip and a wonderful group of people to enjoy it with.


  • Would love your comments when you return, as we are doing this trip next May. It will only be our second Tauck trip - we are really looking forward to it ! Have a great time on yours!
    Linda T.

  • We did this trip in 2014. Out of the ten Tauck trips we have done, this was one of our favorites. I'm sure you will love it.

  • Will definitely comment on our trip, tonto524. Thanks sidecar... happy to hear you enjoyed the trip. We've never done a riverboat cruise, and my husband has never been to London (we're going in 2 days earlier), or France. I was in France with a girlfriend in college... a lifetime ago!!!!!

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