Wieliczka Salt Mines

Has anyone taken the tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mines in Krakow? Is there a hand rail for the stairs, and do you descend all 600 stairs at one time, or is it broken up in various levels. Also, are the mines well ventilated?


  • I took the tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mines in 2018 as part of this tour. The stair descent is broken up into segments. They descend in sort of a back and forth cascade - 6-10 steps in one direction, then loop around and take 6-10 steps in the other direction. There is an elevator that can take you directly to the place where the farewell dinner is held, but then you miss the bulk of the mine tour. After the dinner everyone exits the mines via the elevator. The mines are well ventilated. I'm 6'6" tall so there were one or two occasions were I had to duck, but for the most part it is quite roomy. If you health allows you to descend I would highly recommend it. The carvings within the salt mine are amazing. For me the salt mine was one of the highlights of the trip. The tour directors said some people might be chilled within the mine. That was the case for me. Just to be safe, I'd recommend a layered approach so that you can create your individual comfort point. Several people during the dinner removed some outer garments. I included an example of one of the carvings within the mine.

  • Correction - should have proof read better before posting. I WASN'T chilled as opposed to my original post that said I was chilled.

  • Thank you so much, Sam. That was extremely helpful.

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