40 days & counting till September 12, 2019 trip leaves from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Anyone out there planning on the September 12th trip? We are from Charlotte, NC. Weather looks fabulous for our group. Neither of us have ever been to Croatia before. Looks like 26 people in TOTAL are in our group.


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    We are on the October 10 trip. Any advice for us ? Thanks!

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    have not heard a peep outa anyone?????

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    Any recent comments on the Adriatic treasures trip?

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    edited March 2023

    We went back in 2019 so I don't have any up to date info. But I did blog our trip and you can see what the trip is probably like. https://www.mikeandjudytravel.com/2019-2Adriatic-01.htm

    I don't see any indication that there were changes made. The map looks identical. It was a very good, interesting trip.

    We had originally signed up for a cruise with Crystal of that area but switched to Tauck to get more coverage of the area. The problem with a cruise is that you can only see the areas close to ports. It takes too long to transport you to sites further inland. We were glad we did the land tour.

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    I went in the fall of 2021. It's tied (with Israel & Jordan) as my #2 (out of 13) favorite Tauck trip. It should be even better for you now that Croatia has joined the Schengen zone, which will cut down on lines at border crossings. I went a day early and walked the walls of Dubrovnik, which was not included on our tour. I had to pay in kuna for that ticket, but just learned that Croatia is now on the euro, which should also make the trip easier for you. I absolutely loved Slovenia, which I never would have visited on my own.

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    JoWeber it's amazing!

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