Has anyone taken the vaccine to prevent Cholera for India ?


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    No. Cholera is transmitted through contaminated food or water. While outbreaks in India are not unheard of, you are extremely unlikely to contract it drinking bottled water and eating the on-tour food. Outbreaks are usually limited and occur due to things like monsoon flooding or contaminated rural wells. See for more information or talk to your doctor or a travel vaccine center.

  • Thanks Ken. I really did not want to take it but the travel dr. is the one who recommended it.

  • These are the guidelines a Travel Dr, should be able to see on the CDC, It is not what the public sees.

    The guidelines are obvious that you do not require the vaccine. Allthough I always suggest seeing a travel Dr. from my own experience I found years ago that some of them have never been out of the US and are pretty ignorant about the realities of other countries. I still maintain that doing lots of personal research about these things is a must before you see a doctor. Just like you would research before buying s new car.

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