Has anyone taken the vaccine to prevent Cholera for India ?


  • edited August 2019

    No. Cholera is transmitted through contaminated food or water. While outbreaks in India are not unheard of, you are extremely unlikely to contract it drinking bottled water and eating the on-tour food. Outbreaks are usually limited and occur due to things like monsoon flooding or contaminated rural wells. See for more information or talk to your doctor or a travel vaccine center.

  • Thanks Ken. I really did not want to take it but the travel dr. is the one who recommended it.

  • These are the guidelines a Travel Dr, should be able to see on the CDC, It is not what the public sees.

    The guidelines are obvious that you do not require the vaccine. Allthough I always suggest seeing a travel Dr. from my own experience I found years ago that some of them have never been out of the US and are pretty ignorant about the realities of other countries. I still maintain that doing lots of personal research about these things is a must before you see a doctor. Just like you would research before buying s new car.

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