We are waiting to see what is going to happen about our planned tour in October. We have enrolled in the US STEP program and the equivalent British website, which is much better on giving info. We read the BBC news daily and this is the latest. Hong Kong protests: How badly has tourism been affected? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-49276259
We know Tauck is carefully monitoring the situation and meanwhile our passports are out getting visas.


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    I’m scheduled for the Odyssey tour, even added extra days in Hong Kong. Guess we’re all monitoring this!

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    edited September 2019

    Yes, we have extra day in HK. Too early for anyone to make decisions but still concerned, mainly about getting our money back if we don’t go seeing as civil unrest may not be covered and we did not get our flights thru Tauck. Not had this bad luck with a Tauck trip before...although when we were In Santiago last year the day before our tour began, our hotel got tear gassed and we were affected. Good dinner table story. Our visas arrived yesterday 😟

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    Likewise. We are joining the tour on October 18th and have gingers crossed!

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    I cannot see that either of the two China tours begin on October 18th next month.

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    Mr Cross - I'm assuming that you have your fingers crossed. On the other hand, crossing your gingers might be appropriate on a China tour. :D

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    The China Odyssey Tour tour actually starts October 20th (I'm arriving the 18th, that's probably what MrCross meant!). I booked two extra nights in HK that have me a bit concerned. I booked my own travel, and even though it's refundable, it would be a real challenge to change at the last minute!

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