Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club

We are just finishing our 2 day stay at the Fairmont Mt.Kenya Safari Club on the Grand Classic T & K tour. The grounds and the architecture are great, and the food and service is good. However, the plumbing maintenance is third world.
The water is dangerously scalding hot, but no cold water available in the shower, even after telling the reception about the problem. This was common amount the Tauck rooms. Also, the water has a yellow tinge. Most of us couldn’t sleep Saturday night because of rowdy behavior in some of the rooms above us - scraping furniture and pounding on the wood floors that obviously have no sound proofing.


  • I’ll be taking this tour for the second time in a few months. We did not stay here back in 2007, or Four Seaons. Where we stayed was wonderful and I am pretty sure Tauck were almost exclusively the only guests. I’ve never heard any complaints about Mount Kenya. Water in that part of the world has certain chemicals that can discolor your teeth if it is your main water drinking supply. I assume Tauck chose to stay there because of the hotel’s history.
    Let’s hope they fix the hot water problem.
    I read a funny story on another travel website recently where someone thought the water on safaris was not safe to be on your body either, so she showered and then rinsed off her body with bottled water.

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