Tanzania to Zanzibar vs Kenya and Zanzibar

I fell in love with Africa (and safaris) on Tauck's South Africa: An Elegant Adventure tour. I wish to see more animals in their natural habitat but am uncertain if I will see more interesting game drives on the K & T. tour. I prefer the shorter tour of 9 days but do not want to go that far and regret not seeing the animals in Kenya. I realize all the parts of Africa are different, but do you see MUCH more on the K& T tour compared to the T and Z tour? I have read the chain here and know some of you have done both and could perhaps give me a little more info on the differences between the two tours.


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    You probably have read that I have taken both tours, though it was some time ago now. One of my favorite animals is the Gerenuk and I can’t remember whether we saw that on the Tanzania tour, but we certainly did on the K and T. We haven’t seen them in other parts of Africa. I feel the Tanzania Zanzibar tour has nicer scenery in the Western part of Tanzania that the K and T do not go to. It’s also way better value than the K and T. And, you miss the horrible Nairobi Airport. Zanzibar is interesting, not somewhere I need to see again. But the Zanzibar hotel used now is a much better hotel than the one we stayed at if that is important to you. If the length of tour is important then do the Tanzania Zanzibar. Or you could do the Bridges Tanzania tour with the advantage of entering and leaving Tanzania in Arusha. We certainly have considered doing this tour. But we we definitely will with our grandchildren In about five years too.
    In my opinion, East African tours are very different to the Southern Africa tours and its worth seeing both areas of Africa. We do the K and T again soon. Tanzania remains my favorite African country so far with Namibia a close second.

  • Thank you so much for your input, British! Your viewpoint is very helpful. This is probably a question that you may not be able to answer, but if you had to go on only one of these tours, which would you choose. I realize all people look for different aspects in their opinions of their tours, but I am just curious about your opinion.

  • Hard to answer. If you mean the four I’ve been on. Well I’m already doing the K and T plus Rwanda in December, after that i’d do The Botswana, Zambia South Africa again. But I’m possibly going to do different African countries with another tour company before then.

  • We just got back from the Tanzania to Zanzibar tour!! I can not say enough wonderful things about the tour! The Tanzanian people are so welcoming and nice. We saw all the 'Big Nine" animals on our tour and so much more and our jeep tour drivers were wonderful guides. We had near perfect weather and a great group of travelers and our wonderful Tour Director "Siggy"! What a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone interested in seeing many many animals and learning about the culture of the people. Zanzibar was a very pleasant surprise!! Such a diverse group of people live there together and we stayed at a beautiful hotel overlooking Indian Ocean then we went on a Dhow sailboat trip to a small coral Island and went snorkeling (warm water!!) and they provided all the gear and a great lunch!! A wonderful trip!

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