Adriatic treasures - Does casual dress really mean casual for dinner?

For men ExOfficio quick dry wear? or for ladies Athleta/Lululemon as fabletics & leggings????? Does everyone go back after touring all day, take showers, change & dress up for dinner??? Or does everyone leave on what they had on for the day of touring? Anyone that has been on this trip your advice is much appreciated.


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    This was absolutely one of our favorite trips! As a general practice, we return to the hotel, shower and change for dinner. The rule of thumb I use for attire is based upon how I would dress at a similar restaurant at home. My husband always wears slacks and either a polo or long sleeve shirt to dinner. I pack a pair of black slacks/capris and a couple of dressier tops for dinner. I'd say country club casual not charity benefit gala. That being said, there are guests that show up in shorts, t-shirt and ball cap for dinner. I simply would not be comfortable in a fine dining restaurant dressed like I was going grocery shopping.

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    I’ve hardly ever seen anyone in leggings on a Tauck tour. Many places in Europe people dress more conservatively, perhaps not on the beaches where anything goes....yep I used to sunbathe toppers in Europe in my younger days.
    Is this the boat tour or the land tour you are talking about? We take the land tour next year. Sometimes there is no time to change on tours before dinner, which is why it’s often a good idea to look decent during the day with something that could easily transition to evening. Also, even though Tauck does occasionally eat in fine restaurants, they are often in a private room.

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    Yes, this is the land tour.

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    We just booked the June 18 land tour and this will be our 11th Tauck trip. Women do wear leggings, jeans or capris during the days because they are comfortable. Most people do find time to change into something more comfortable when dining in nice hotel or off the premises restaurants. Of course, it runs the gamut from dressy casual to a little more upscale. My husband usually likes to wear a nice polo or button down shirt and docker type pants and shoes and I tend to favor dressy tops, tailored slacks and dressy flats. Are you on my trip, British?

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    Sherry, we wanted to go on that date originally when we booked the tour early last year but had to change it to June 4th because we have friends coming to stay with us later in June. One thing for sure, you won’t be seeing anyone in jeans and leggings by June 18th, it will be far too hot for them.
    I still can’t recall seeing many leggings. On our last Tauck tour, a river cruise, I saw people turn up to evening dining on the boat in shorts and T shirt. The boats ask you don’t do that, but no one seemed to care. After all it’s a vacation. I’m not saying I would do that. As long as people are nice and they don’t smell bad, I can handle it.

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    British, when did you go on the Adriatic Treasures tour? Did you go on the June 4th tour? We are considering booking it for late May/early June? What was the weather like? Were flowers in bloom? Thanks for sharing.

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    No, do not go on the tour until June 2020. Flowers will definitely be in bloom May/June. Often the best time to go to that part of Europe before it gets too hot for touring,

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