Anyone going December 20, 2019? Visas?

Looking for fellow travelers applying for Cambodian visas through Any luck?


  • I’m about to do that today - we’re on the October 28, 2019 start. Surprised to see that VisaCentral was charging so much for them but evisa was $30.

  • Completed mine and wife’s Cambodia visa applications online. Charge was $36.00 each. Will see next week what the response is, and if it worked ok. Hardest part was the technical aspect of scanning passports and uploading 2x2 photos, but I think we did it. Also, VisaCentral charges $25 per person to register your trip with the US embassies abroad. You can do this free by enrolling in the US state dept STEP program and do it yourself. We’ve done this for most of our trips abroad.

  • You don’t have to let Visa Central put you on the STEP, it’s an option they can do for you. When we got our last visa through them there was a separate piece of paperwork to add that. We had already registered the trip on STEP.

  • KdStollar, do you mean the 12/23 trip? I don’t see one for the 20th.

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