Laundry service

We leave for our trip on Sunday which starts on October 4th. We are spending a few days with friends in Cape Town first. I am hoping that the Cape Grace Hotel has laundry service. I cannot find it on their website. Does anyone know if they have that available and if they have a one day service. Thanks.


  • I’m absolutely sure they do, it’s one of the best hotels we have stayed in with amazing service. They provided everything from loaner travel adapters to luxury BMWs and free driver to take us to where we wanted to go. Great spa. Great food,I am not a veggie but had a fantastic vegan tasting menu before the tour began. When we stayed at the One and Only a few years after also with Tauck, it does not even compare! After our tour had finished and we stayed on a couple of days we went to the Cape Grace for lunch one day, ahhhh!

  • Yes, they have laundry service and quite a phenomenal hotel with guest services.

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