Flights within the Scandinavian tour

Would someone be able to comment on the amount of time that is spent making the three flights scheduled within the Scandinavian tour. Does it take up the bulk of that tour day- getting to airport, travel time, getting luggage etc. - never have done a tour with Tauck where there were flights within the tour and this one has several. Just wondering what impact it has on the actual tour day itself. Thanks.


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    In general, I'd say if there is a single flight on a day that it will consume about half a day. If there are two flights on the same day, then I'd count on it consuming most of that day. This accounts for transportation to/from airports and airport time. Rarely have I found that there are two flights on the same day, but on the Portrait of India tour there is one day when you are going from North India to South India that you take a flight to Mumbai and then another flight to the South. Typically it is a single flight on any given day.

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