Echinda Tour on 1/2/2020

I'm on the 1/2/2020 Grand Australia and New Zealand tour. I get in a day early and doing the Echidna tour before the dinner. Just wondering if anybody else is considering that as well. Can't wait for the trip.


  • I am considering the Koala and Kangaroo Echidna Walkabout but was hoping the just received 'green book' would have the timing of the reception/dinner the 2nd....which it does not. Does anyone know the times, that evening? Also, I received the green book but no luggage tags....or do those come later in a separate mailing. Thanks!

  • The website page for that tour says that the reception starts at 5:30.

  • The website and even green book often gives a time that is different to what actually happens, it’s partly up to the discretion of the tour leader but usually later then advertised, say a half hour.
    Luggage tags, call Tauck and ask them to send you some. We’ve always received tags with the green book. Actually the green book has only been a thing for a few years, before that, you received a whole lot of papers, but tags were always there.

  • According to the itinerary on the website, the dinner starts at 5:30. I believe the tour gets back around 4-4:30. I have not received anything yet from tauck on the trip.

  • You won’t get anything until you make your final payment except either an email or snail mail confirmation of you booking. If you are looking at times from just the webpage or brochure, there can change. Example, the tour I am on now, on day two, the morning site seeing was switched to the afternoon and visa versa, you get to see everything but in a different order. It depends on the Tour Director And local conditions at the destination.

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