Ordered trip yesterday. When will my online info update?

Good day
So I ordered a trip yesterday, and got a confirmation number. I got an email shortly later that my travel info (the names of the people on the trip) were updated. But on Tauck.com, I don't see anything update, no trips mentions, and I actually don't see where on the site I can do things like update my name, or see the name of my guest.
Is there a delay before these things populate online? Thanks!


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    You must go to the main pages (not the forum page). In the listing at the bottom, select "My Account" and sign in. (it may also appear in the upper right of the main page). You'll see your booked trips, payment info, and somewhere you used to be able to see and update your profile. There is no delay as far as I can remember. You will only see names that are covered by your reservation ("Additional Guests"), you will not see the names of family and non-family on the trip if not covered by your reservation. You can see names of everyone on the trip on the Tauck app on the first day of your tour.

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