4/30/20 Tour

We are going on this tour and arriving 2 days early. Any suggestions on what to see and do??


  • We did this in reverse last year. Here's a link to my lengthy trip report. https://forums.tauck.com/discussion/13449/cruise-review-may-30-13-jun-part-1/p1
    Plenty to do in both Amsterdam and Budapest. If you're going in April dress warm. We did a different cruise starting in Amsterdam several years ago in Oct and froze. Not just cold and damp, but there can be a heck of a wind blowing thru the valleys created by the canals/townhouses.

  • Claudia - Your review is very helpful. My wife is into flowers so we plan to go to Keukenhof and the flower fields before the tour starts. Thanks.

  • Amsterdam is a wonderful city to walk in if you are very careful to avoid getting hit by the ever present bicycles! (LOL) Definitely dress warmly in April and you can get to the Keukenhof Gardens either on your own on a half or full day tours by Viatours. a fun thing to do is the Night walking tour through the red light district. It looks very calm and peaceful during the day, but the patter of the guides and the itinerary is both informative and very entertaining (also quite safe). If you have the time, your should also take a day trip to Bruges.

  • Almost forgot some of the must do highlights, Anne Frank House (you need to book tickets online 1-2 months in advance) and the VAn Gogh Museum. Unless you just love the "Old Masters" and must see The NIght Watch the Van Gogh Museum is much nicer than the Rijksmuseum.

  • Thanks Sherry

  • We were there a week before your date this past April, my advice- have a warm coat that is water resistant. Forget Anne frank house, go to the resistance museum instead, not as well known but more comprehensive and done well. Stay out of the bike lanes!

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