New Zealand Visa

Perhaps somebody could give me some insight on this situation. Our Visas were processed through New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority - NZeTA. We were charged USD $99.00 each. Friends were only charged USD$47.00 each and another friend was charged USD $30.00. They were all processed within the same time frame.
I have emailed NZeTA for an explanation but have not heard back.


  • I just looked briefly. The US has a visa waiver and the info I read seemed to say you don’t get a Visa until you get there and that your arrival card does that. I’ve been to NZ but can’t remedy the process and know there was a change in October. All those prices seem suspicious, suriely they should be the same. What do the Tauck documents say?

  • I am going on the Dec. 2, 2019, Grand Australia and New Zealand trip. On page 18 of the green book it says that electronic devices larger than a cellphone should be placed into checked luggage. We fly Qantas from Los Angeles to Melbourne.Does anyone know if that is rule is enforced?

  • Added: I have an iPad that I can fit into my personal item (not a laptop).

  • I took my iPad onboard in my carry-on. I think they just mean laptops. We flew the same route and airline as you.

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