Sea sickness on Small Cruise Ship ?

Hello, considering the small ship cruise, Treasures of the Aegean. This is NOT a river cruise. Am sensitive to motion sickness and usually have to use Dramamine on a bus. Just wondering if others felt a smaller ship gave them more motion sickness than normal. Any info from someone who took this cruise would be appreciated.


  • I took this tour and had no issues either on the ship or the buses. That said I'm not sensitive to normal levels of motion. I didn't observe anyone on this tour having an issue. Most of the ship travel, but not all, is done during the night.

  • Windstar's ships do have stabilization and the Aegean is normally quite calm. That being said, the Windstar ships are much smaller than the major cruise ships. If you do get a storm, there will be more motion on a smaller ship than a larger one. Below is a picture of the Windstar (on the left) with a not too large cruise ship on the right.

  • I took this trip in September 2018 and loved it. However, I did get seasick (as did others) when approaching and leaving Mikonos. I unfortunately did not come prepared so I would highly suggest that you get a prescription from your doctor for scopolamine. Also if you choose to go to Delos, you may need the patch for the ferry ride. There were sea sickness pills provided by the crew but you really need to take them before you get sick. Also, make sure you eat. I was afraid to eat so my stomach was empty which made the sea sickness worse. Better to be prepared. Enjoy the trip.

  • Regarding scopolamine, I used one in the patch format in the Great Barrier Reef. It caused some hallucinations and the patch was quickly removed. I wish i had tried one at home before the trip as I would have discovered I was too sensitive to this medication and could have gotten something else. Ask your physician for their guidance.

  • Thank you all for your comments. Especially the picture of the small ship vs cruise ship. I really appreciate it ! It is nice to know that most of the cruising is done at night. That should make it easier.

  • Also regarding scopolamine, I have used it in the past with bad results like the comment above. Never used it again, I think I will stick to Dramamine.

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