Amsterdam to Milan - June 3, 2020

My wife and I, along with 2 of our dear friends are currently booked on this river cruise. Deposits are due March 5. Has anyone on this departure cancelled yet? Anyone from the Philadelphia area?


  • We live in the Philly area ( we’ve just come back from walking K of P mall for exercise) and took this tour last summer. We loved the tour and arrived a couple of days early to see extra things in Milan. Don’t cancel, let Tauck cancel or you may lose your money. We have the Croatia land tour booked for June which includes Venice at the end and extra nights. We are traveling to Asia in ten days.

  • We are on the same trip starting a few days later on the Grace. The President said this afternoon that, in the coming days, will see travel restrictions to Italy when asked specifically about Italy.

  • Trex -- I had a great experience on the Grace in December on the Christmas Markets along the Rhine cruise. I wasn't so crazy about the markets (admittedly, part of that might have been the bad weather), but loved the ship and its crew. I hope you get to enjoy it.

  • I would agree with, British, that in the past Tauck has been the kind of organization that did things in the proper manner. At least that is how it was for us on our first four trips. Last October we took trip #5: “Under the Tuscan Sun.” It started out bad. Our travel documents stated that we were to be in a Valley View room. Well for those of you have been in Tuscany, you know what a breathtaking view the valley is. We were taken to room overlooking the entrance, across the street from a several story hotel. Those were our only views. When we approached our tour director, we were told that all the room had previously been assigned. Tauck has always stated that the hotel assigns rooms. We were taken to a room on the valley side of the building with a view of a high embankment or earthen retraining wall. There was no view of the valley. We decided to stay there since the room was brighter than the other one, we were first shown. The next morning our tour director approach and asked for a credit card to charge us for the “upgrade!” Of course, we refused. It took a great deal of our “extra” day at the Castelfalfi and our vacation time trying to communicate with Tauck in an effort to straighten this out. It wasn’t until the evening of our last day that Tauck told us they would cover the “UPGRADE!”

    Another issue: BUG BITES…BED BUGS???? I awoke after the third night with small bites on my shoulder, neck, and hand. I didn’t think much of that until I awoke on day seven with welts on my shoulder and back. We were leaving very early that morning and our tour director had already left. When we returned home, we contacted Truck’s Guest Relations. We had several phone conversations with Camilla F. She told us that Tauck contacted Castelfalfi. They supposedly searched our room and found nothing. Would it honestly be in Castelfalfi’s best interest to disclose to Tauck that they had found a Bed Bug issue in our room or any other? I sent a photo to Camilla showing some of the welts on my back. Our last conversation with her was not a friendly one. She made it clear that there would be no compensation and after all…we were not doctors!!! My mistake was not visiting my doctor the day I returned. Notice to any other individual who may experience this issuer.

    So, my husband and I are now booked on the French River Cruise in June and in September Naples, Capri and Amalfi. Our concern as many of you have: Will Tauck do the right thing or will they enact that clause that appears at the end of the Insurance?
    “In the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond our control, Tauck reserves the right to amend the cancellation and transfer terms outlined herein. “Does this mean we are refunded no money and or no credit?
    So, in our minds we wonder if today’s Tauck has the same ethics as in the past. Does new management have the same ethics in mind? We will see.
    Many of you may not be aware that the cancellations policy for Cruises is substantially more expensive and restrictive than land tours. Cancellation is much more costly for /cruises.

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