Valley of the Kings (and Queens) Tombs

According to ChicagoTravelers' (Judy) recent Jewels of the Nile posts, Tauck visits Nefartari's tomb in the Valley of the Queens ( "We viewed Nefertari’s tomb in the VOQ in the afternoon, and we were the only ones inside. . . . Nefertari’s will knock your socks off. . . Photography was allowed." ) Then after a brief photo stop where they viewed Hapshepsut’s temple from a distance, they proceeded to the Valley of Kings for an after-hours tour that began at 5pm and ended after dark. They entered 4 tombs in VOK- Tut's + 3. They "did not have a choice, and the tombs seemed to be chosen ahead of time, as the guides were well versed. . . . They gave their talks and we entered without them."

That is probably the best approach but is the reason for this post. Until I read Judy's post I was researching the tombs so I could make a prioritized list of tombs to visit.

Even though it appears we don't get to make a choice, I found this reference which has brief but good summaries and (over-colorized) photos of the interiors of many of the more significant tombs: https://www.planetware.com/egypt/thebes-valley-of-the-kings-egy-qena-valkng.htm There are links at this site to other Egyptian sites and temples.

Speaking of tombs, in the Cairo area, Judy's Jewels tour only entered one pyramid - the Pyramid of Teti I in Saqqara but none at Giza.

karen1672 and BlountvilleTN could you please comment on whether your Jordan & Egypt tour followed the same routine in the Valley of Kings and Giza/Saqqara? Thanks.


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